Hello, this is Surflyan.

Personal Introduction

I am a junior student of Harbin Institute of Technology and I major in CS, recently I am focusing on machine learning and some computer course in university.
I can code in C/C++, Python, I prefer Python, because it has great power.
In my daily life, swimming is an enjoyable sport for me. I alse like football, Real Madrid is my home team,I dream that I can see a game at Bernabeu one day. I usually pay attention to body-building. Traveling is also my hobby, I like to go some places with beautiful natual scenery, wonderful scenery and interesting person bring me greaty joy!
Just enjoy your reading here, hope there is something is helpful to you.

Books In Reading…

  • Christopher Bishop. (2007). Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
  • Tom Mitchell. (2008). Machine Learning
  • 刘慈欣. (2008). 三体


—— Surflyan